After having a consult with Steve, I quickly realized he was the attorney I needed on my side. His presence in the courtroom is unmatched and his straightforward personality never left me with uncertainty. My family and I are beyond pleased with the work he has done for us.


Attorney Smith has represented me in the past and I would not hesitate to hire him again if I need an attorney. He is no-nonsense with a lot of experience who tells you like it is and does not waste time or your money. I definitely recommend him.


I hired Steve after speaking with roughly 4 other attorneys. He didn't mince words, was straight to the point, and told me what to expect. He was spot on. I was happy with the result of my case and while I hope I don't ever need an attorney again, I would most certainly hire Steve to assist me and would recommend him to any family and friends. He isn't flashy, showy or self-praising like some others in the area. Very appreciative of that.


Steve Smith is a very knowledgeable, straightforward and experienced attorney who is also very easy to work with.


I wish I had retained him sooner, his help has been immeasurable.



 What is civil law?

Civil law is a branch of law that deals with disputes between individuals or entities (such as businesses) regarding non-criminal matters.

 What are the main differences between civil law and criminal law?

In civil law, disputes are between private parties seeking compensation or resolution, whereas criminal law involves the state prosecuting individuals for violating laws.

 What types of cases fall under civil law?

Civil law covers cases related to contracts, property disputes, family law (divorce, child custody), personal injury, and more.

 What is a plaintiff and a defendant in a civil case?

The plaintiff is the party who initiates a civil lawsuit by bringing a complaint, while the defendant is the party against whom the complaint is filed.

 What is a settlement in civil law?

A settlement is an agreement reached between the parties involved in a civil lawsuit, often before or during a trial, to resolve the dispute without a court decision.

 How does a civil trial differ from a criminal trial?

Civil trials aim to resolve disputes and award damages, while criminal trials determine guilt and impose penalties such as fines or imprisonment.

 What is the statute of limitations in civil law?

The statute of limitations is a time limit set by law, specifying how long a plaintiff has to file a civil lawsuit after the alleged injury or event occurred.

 How is damage determined in civil cases?

Damage in civil cases can be compensatory (to compensate for losses) or punitive (to punish wrongdoing), and they are typically determined by the court or a jury.

 What is the process of appealing a civil court decision?

Parties dissatisfied with a civil court decision can often appeal to a higher court, which reviews the case for legal errors or misapplication of the law.

 Can civil cases be resolved outside of court?

Yes, civil cases can be resolved through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or settlements without going to court.

 What is business law?

Business law, also known as commercial law, is a legal field that governs the rights, relations, and conduct of individuals and entities engaged in commerce, trade, and business activities.

 Why is business law important for entrepreneurs and business owners?

Business law provides a framework for resolving disputes, protecting assets, and ensuring legal compliance in business operations.

 What are the different types of business structures recognized by business law?

Business structures include sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), corporations, and more.

 What is a contract in business law?

A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties that outlines the terms and conditions of a business transaction.

 How can businesses resolve disputes without going to court?

Businesses can use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods like mediation and arbitration to resolve conflicts more efficiently and cost-effectively than going to court.

 What are the legal requirements for starting and operating a business, such as licenses and permits?

The legal requirements for starting and operating a business can vary by location and industry, but often include business licenses, permits, and regulatory compliance.


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A+, very helpful & understanding. I'm sure he could've charged much more. I will go to him again if I ever have a legal issue.

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Has a ton of experience. Knows the court and the other attorney which should be helpful.

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Contacted me promptly & provided professional & extremely useful info which allowed me to have a better understanding of the legal context of the issue.

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I received a copy of my son's appeal prepared by Carl E. Woock. I cannot tell you how relieved I am to read this appeal....

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