Our Second Anniversary

Although our team of attorneys is vastly experienced, we have only been working together as a firm for two years. Today, we invite you to join us in celebrating Our 2 Year Anniversary! Over the past two years, we have welcomed great people to our team, we have won challenging cases, and we have and will continue to stand up for you.

While life can be unpredictable, we have stayed consistent in our services and providing our clients with a high-caliber, vigorous defense, always aimed at achieving successful results to preserve their freedom. We have over 30 years of combined experience that we utilize for you as our client. We use aggressive methods, paired with conservative beliefs, to better serve you.

We have been fortunate enough to have a successful start to our firm, achieving some great things in just two years. We are thankful to have a team focused on doing and being the best. Some highlights from our past year include:

  • Attorney Steve Smith successfully defended a wrongfully terminated university professor.
  • After her first five weeks of employment, Cassie, our Civil Legal Assistant, was able to attend and assist with her first in-person court case, which lasted 2 weeks.
  • Attorney Carl Woock has remained undefeated in Canine Custody cases.
  • Attorney Leah Baldacci won the Law Court Appeal Beedle v. Beedle.
  • Stacy was promoted from a Legal Assistant to the Criminal Legal Assistant of Steve Smith and Ian L’Heureux.
  • Meredith joined our team as our first Marketing Director.
  • Attorneys Steve Smith and Carl Woock won a six-digit attachment for an elderly couple.
  • Attorney Ian L’Heureux successfully defended a client against a domestic violence allegation.
  • Attorney Carl Woock obtained a $700,000 lien for an elderly couple against fraudulent property developers.

Our mission has always been centered on our clients. Some have trusted us with referrals, others have “just” been supportive. Either way, you have played a key role in our success.

With the end of every year comes a time of reflection and hope for what is upcoming. We are thrilled to start our third year as a firm and to see what we are able to accomplish next. We are grateful for our team, and for the future. We are grateful for you.

Source: https://www.mainetriallaw.com/our-second-anniversary/