A+, very helpful & understanding. I'm sure he could've charged much more. I will go to him again if I ever have a legal issue.

Charlie P


Has a ton of experience. Knows the court and the other attorney which should be helpful.

Mindy V


Contacted me promptly & provided professional & extremely useful info which allowed me to have a better understanding of the legal context of the issue.

Jan A


I received a copy of my son's appeal prepared by Carl E. Woock. I cannot tell you how relieved I am to read this appeal. No matter the outcome (as justice is not clear to me anymore) I wanted to thank you so much for the work you did on this. We didn't ask for drama or anything from our Lawyer other than facts be presented in hopes justice could be served. I appreciate you taking this case, I and am very grateful for the level of research and preparation you put in for this Brief. My hope is that my view of the justice system might be restored in the future, but if not, I know someone else saw what was done and agreed it was 'wrong'. So, thank you!

Client of Carl E. Woock


He is a wonderful attorney, and I definitely recommend him. Thank you very much for your help & support, Steve!

Kim T.


Enjoyed meeting Steve & appreciate his advice. I hope with his help I'll be able to bring the matter to a quick conclusion.

Carrie O.


Stever & his assistant were great. They were able to reach an agreement with the other party, & did so in a good manner.

Ryan N.


If I proceed with this issue I will hire her. I understand my options now & it's because of her.

Marcus S.


He was extremely helpful & very patient & thorough. He answered all my questions & shared many ideas.

Bonnie W.


I was comfortable discussing my concerns & she was able to patiently listen & provide me with good guidance going forward.

Erin L.


I was very satisfied with the services provided by Steve & the peace of mind he gave me.

Isabella R.


He was straight-forward with his advice & more importantly, what actions I could or should take going forward. I never had the sense that he was trying to hook me in.

Donna K.


Very informative & professional. I would highly recommend.

John D.


You guys have been great. All my questions were answered, and everything turned out perfectly in the end. Thank you for all you did. You literally have made my life much easier and I'm grateful. Plus a cheque in the mail! Thanks again!



Ian L'Heureux was awesome in trial. For as awesome as you can expect someone fighting for your freedom. Hope to never but if needed would use or recommend them over and over.



After 25 years with the same company I was let go for reasons that were unclear, at best, and potentially illegal. Having no command of employment law I sought counsel from Steve Smith and his team, particularly Leah. They helped me see through the fog of the situation and provided the organization and clarity to help me receive what I, and my former employer, saw as an equitable settlement. Their patience and support were unique and I would highly recommend their services to anyone experiencing such an injustice.

Client of STEVE SMITH Trial Lawyers


He was very professional. I appreciated that he was very straight-thinking and clear-cut and purposeful with his words.



Since March I have been dealing with legal matters. Stephen Smith is someone who understands my situation and has handled everything in a very professional manner. I am very grateful for this.



Stephen called promptly at the agreed-upon time. He was straightforward with his advice and more importantly, what actions I could or should take going forward. I never had the sense that he was trying to hook me into becoming a client.



I wish I had retained him sooner, his help has been immeasurable.



Steve is an excellent attorney. Sometimes you go to court and wonder if your attorney will fight for you. No worries with this attorney. He is not afraid to argue with opposing counsel or the judge to fight for your rights. Few have his level of trial experience, and that shows in the courtroom. He has excellent judgment, and he will tell you like it is. I am a fellow attorney in practice in the State of Maine, and I would not risk my reputation with an endorsement I did not believe in. He is excellent. You won't regret hiring him.



I consult with Attorney Smith on just about a daily basis through work. I can honestly say he is extremely experienced in all aspects of criminal defense. He is a "straight shooter" and gets done what needs to be done.



After having a consult with Steve, I quickly realized he was the attorney I needed on my side. His presence in the courtroom is unmatched and his straightforward personality never left me with uncertainty. My family and I are beyond pleased with the work he has done for us.


★★★★★ |

Attorney Smith has represented me in the past and I would not hesitate to hire him again if I need an attorney. He is no-nonsense with a lot of experience who tells you like it is and does not waste time or your money. I definitely recommend him.


★★★★★ |

I hired Steve after speaking with roughly 4 other attorneys. He didn't mince words, was straight to the point, and told me what to expect. He was spot on. I was happy with the result of my case and while I hope I don't ever need an attorney again, I would most certainly hire Steve to assist me and would recommend him to any family and friends. He isn't flashy, showy or self-praising like some others in the area. Very appreciative of that.


★★★★★ |

Steve Smith is a very knowledgeable, straightforward and experienced attorney who is also very easy to work with.


★★★★★ |

Steve is an awesome guy. He made me feel comfortable. He made me feel like family. You can tell he knows what he is doing and he made my job easier. I would recommend him to anyone.


★★★★★ |

I would like to comment on the performance and professional excellence of Steven C. Smith. I recently found myself living a real-life nightmare having to defend myself in a criminal case. I had no idea what was going to happen next or where this was coming from. I was lost. Whereas if had no capital to my name. I was given a court-appointed attorney and I felt as if I had no hope of surviving, I found new hope in Steven, he appeared competent and quite frank about the reality I was facing. As a fellow veteran, I felt he would be most likely to defend me best.



Thank you for your dedication to my case - for taking my case - for your professionalism, kindness and generosity. I appreciate your efforts and am very blessed and thankful for all you have done for me.



When it comes to my personal injury case, Steve was assertive and he fought and he fought. He was also a positive influence for me on some days when I was feeling discouraged. He kept at it. I would definitely hire him and again and I would highly recommend him.

Liz C


Attorney Smith represented me in a civil suit for the last 10 years. He was assertive, loyal, patient, and diligent in his responsibilities. This case dragged on, unexpectedly, for 10 long years, however, Attorney Smith worked tirelessly to recover what was owed to me.

Raymond S


Stephen Smith was a great resource for me. He's a busy man and we had a little challenge connecting at first but when we did it was just what I needed and I would highly recommend a service.



Attorney Smith worked with me to handle my case for a year as it took that long to resolve. The resolution was very satisfactory and I am pleased with all the work he and his office did throughout the process.



Prompt and straightforward. Not what I was expecting but sound and honest advice that we could understand and follow.



Stephen was great to speak with about my issue. He drove to the matter at hand and was direct and succinct. While my problem has not moved to the next level, if it should, I would strongly consider hiring him for representation.




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