Trials, Trials, Trials!

The summer of 2022 has proven to be unusually heavy for Steve’s trial schedule. In addition to the “usual” trials of one or two days, Steve did a one-week jury trial in July on behalf of a client seeking to recover for personal injuries.

In August, Steve did a two-week trial involving a boundary dispute over adverse possession and prescriptive easement concerning a waterfront strip of property on a Maine pond.   The case involved multiple experts concerning civil engineering, real estate titles, and septic design.

In September, Steve is scheduled to do a two-week murder trial defending a client accused of killing one man with a gun and chopping off the hands of another man.  It is a self-defense case.

As one bailiff recently observed “It’s unusual to see an attorney do so many different types of cases.”  Steve replied that to him it’s all about being in the courtroom and presenting his client’s stories to juries in clear, sympathetic ways.  The exact nature of the client’s problem will always be different.  Whether it’s a nasty divorce, a serious felony, a “bet the farm” civil case, a real estate dispute or even defending a defense contractor in a highly technical engineering dispute.  Steve’s job is to protect his clients’ interests in court.